Innovations and scientific discoveries in the spotlight at Vitafoods 2021

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Gelatine and collagen manufacturer PB Leiner will attend the show to discuss its recently completed clinical study which concludes that consuming its Solugel collagen peptides can bring about significant reductions in joint pain and discomfort in active middle-aged adults. 

Carried out by Florida State University (FSU) (commissioned by PB Leiner), study participants (aged 45-65) consumed either a placebo or Solugel collagen peptides (10g) every day over the course of six months.

Those consuming Solugel collagen peptides saw a 36% improvement according to the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, indicating significant reductions in pain and improvement in knee functionality. By contrast, more than half of those in the placebo group saw a decline in their score.

The study, due to be published later in ‘Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition Supplement’​, also found that collagen peptides may improve the ability to carry out everyday tasks such as commuting, cleaning and shopping. A third of those consuming 10g of Solugel collagen peptides each day saw clinically meaningful improvements in their scores while undertaking such activities while none of the participants in the placebo group saw any improvement.

The study is the first to prove collagen’s long-term impact on both joint pain and everyday activities in the healthy and active middle-aged population.

Dr. Mike Ormsbee, Associate Director at FSU Institute of Sports Sciences & Medicine and the lead clinical study researcher, said: “This is the first and only study to examine the impact of collagen peptides on joint pain in this demographic group. The findings suggest they have protective as well as beneficial effects, supporting the growth and repair of connective tissue as well as reducing joint pain.”

Dr. Reyhan Nergiz Unal, Health & Nutrition Science Lead at PB Leiner, will host a presentation on the study at Vitafoods on October 6.

Mastering the mobility market

Also focusing on mobility, global life science company Bioiberica will attend the show and reveal the results of new scientific research on the efficacy of its hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient Mobilee – for joint health, as well as sharing the latest consumer insights shaping the evolving mobility market. 

Its research reveals that 67% of global consumers recognise a link between mobility and overall health and as many as 31% of 25-34 year olds are planning to improve their joint health in the next year. The mobility market is changing, and Bioiberica’s Healthcare Director, Jaume Reguant, and Head of Human Health R&D, Daniel Martínez Puig, PhD will be spotlighting the opportunities this presents for brands at the exhibition on October 6.

The firm will also put on display its new-look mobility portfolio, launched in response to this evolving market. The new portfolio aims to be more accessible and identifiable with a clearer ‘brand architecture’. 

Convenience meets function

Rousselot will attend the event to exhibit its latest SiMoGel center-filled soft gummies – also known as ‘gummy caps’ – which can offer a higher and more accurate dose of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) per serving than traditional gelatine fortified gummies. 

Visitors to the event will see several SiMoGel application concepts, featuring ingredients such as zinc and Lipofer microcapsules (iron) for immunity support, ibuprofen for pain relief, and a combination of acacia honey, propolis extract and vitamin C to sooth sore throats.

The firm will also introduce its new Inner Strength campaign which will spotlight its flagship bioactive collagen peptide solution, Peptan. 

Florencia Moreno Torres, Rousselot’s market expert, will also host an presentation entitled ‘Collagen peptides, the hero ingredient for natural beauty from the inside out’ on Wednesday 6 October.

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