Poland sets max calcium and potassium levels for botanical-based supplements

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In the meeting earlier this year, the Council’s Dietary Supplements Team adopted four Resolutions, in which the maximum amount of calcium contained in a daily supplement dose was set at 1500 milligrams (mg).

Similarly the maximum potassium amount was also set at 1500mg with the labelling of dietary supplements containing potassium in amounts exceeding 1000 mg to state, “the product is not intended for the elderly, people with kidney disease, insulin-resistant diabetes, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias”.

Other Resolutions focused on the Rhodiola rosea root powder, which the team deemed its use in amounts below 216 milligrams (mg) as a recommended daily dose of the product.

The resolution also states the maximum amount of rosavins is not to exceed 15mg daily whilst the maximum amount of salidrosides is set at no more than 5mg as a recommended daily dose of the extract.

The team also suggested the labelling of dietary supplements containing Rhodiola rosea​, to include the warning, “not to be used in children, pregnant and lactating women.”

Tribulus terrestris L rules

Other Resolutions adopted include setting conditions of use for preparations containing Tribulus terrestris L​. as a dietary supplement ingredient.

Here the fruit of the terrestrial mole can be used in an amount below three grams (g) per day as calculated as the raw material.

The maximum content of Tribulus terrestris L​ saponins cannot exceed 200mg as part of the recommended daily dose.

“An entity placing a given food on the market should attach a quantitative specification confirming the content of the sum of saponins per the recommended daily portion of the product,”​ the team adds.

“It is recommended to include a warning in the labelling of dietary supplements: “The product should not be consumed in the case of using medications for hypertension or diabetes. Do not use in children, pregnant women and during lactation ””

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