ESSNA inducts CBD firm Cannaray and drinks makers Genki Forest as alliance members

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UK-based Cannaray and Chinese beverage firm Genki Forest join recent members Nutrition X and Healthspan Elite as the industry group continues to push for the highest safety standards and labelling of sports nutrition products.

“We are delighted to welcome Cannaray and Genki Forest as new members of ESSNA,”​ says Dr Adam Carey, Chair of ESSNA.

“Having a CBD brand such as Cannaray in the ESSNA membership can only contribute towards more engaging discussions and developing expertise in the fast-growing CBD market.

“We are looking forward to an enriching cooperation with them in the years to come within the framework of the EU policy and regulatory environment on sports nutrition,” ​Dr Carey adds.

ESSNA’s steadily increasing stable of around fifty sports nutrition companies includes Gelita, Glanbia Nutritionals and Lonza, who are all united behind the common goal of creating a safe and healthy environment for the sports nutrition industry.

Online clampdown

That environment includes online, where the group have previously called for stricter rules that compel intermediary e-platforms to inform the public about illegal products.

These rules extend to ensure permanent exclusion of repeat offenders that harm the whole sports and active nutrition sector.

ESSNA were responding to events last month that could introduce European Commission Proposals for a Regulation on a Single Market for Digital Services (DSA).

The proposals, already at the consultation stage, looks to upgrade rules governing digital services in the EU, such as online platforms and marketplaces.

The inclusion of Genki Forest to ESSNA’s ranks brings international considerations as Dr Carey acknowledges a non-European brand’s input ‘is a positive development that will provide a different and broader perspective on sports nutrition.”

“Genki Forest is a food technology company, which conducts research and development independently with the guide of innovation,” ​a spokesperson for the firm says.

“With the principle of ” users first and global services”, we develop step by step. Based on the increasing demand of fitness and aimed at breaking down the barriers of unpleasant taste as well as passing on the idea of healthy life, we make every effort to offer satisfying user experience.

“Currently, our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including the United States, New Zealand, Singapore and so on.”

CBD sports role?

Likewise, ESSNA’s recognition of the role cannabidiol (CBD) could well play in the sports nutrition market has led to Cannaray’s induction as a member.

Whilst its early days, CBD’s purported anti-inflammatory properties could aid in sports-related effects such as post-exercise muscle soreness and recovery routines.

CBD’s benefits may also extend to the mental aspect of sporting performance as there is a growing body of evidence pointing to the botanical’s role in reducing anxiety and stress.

“Cannaray CBD is proud to be a new member of ESSNA and committed to creating premium, safe and effective CBD products for our customers as this category grows,”​ says Joshua Roberts, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Cannaray.

“This partnership is representative of our joint commitment to create an environment where quality CBD can be easily discovered, and consumers can wholeheartedly trust our products – knowing that they come with the ESSNA stamp of approval.

“Our new alliance with ESSNA means that we are bringing much needed professionalism to the role of CBD in sport.”

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