Easter 2021: Four Easter Turtles

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Four Easter Turtles Sittin’ On A Log

(And this was the best pic we could capture of all four of them together). 

We haven’t seen my sister and her crew since our last visit to BHI last June. Avery has grown up so much! 

We’ve had lots of cousin time, and they are playing so well together. Mazen has practically put Emerson to bed each night <3 

Recent Meals

Breakfast Of Champions

Cheerios yogurt bowl with fruit + PB

The Sandwich Parade Continues

Pescador Bowls from Delphina’s

Mahi, beans, rice, greens, crema.

Tastefully Simple Nana’s Apple Cake mix with ice cream and caramel sauce!

Easter Festivities

We had our own Easter egg hunt around our yard. All four kids were very enthusiastic! 

First jelly beans!

Mazen found the golden egg which contained $2!

Easter Breakfast

Oatmeal pancakes by Uncle Matt. I need to start making this recipe. They use a blender to make the old oatmeal pancake recipe smooth. 

Easter basket fun

I went for a little run during Birch’s nap. 

And mom made this beautiful cookie cake!

Family Dinners

We ordered two family meals from the Maritime Market: Shrimp + Grits with asparagus one night and baby back ribs and green beans on night two (we made our own potato wedges). 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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